Investing In a cryptocurrency classes for a brighter future

Why purchase a class?

Online classes are a great way to learn valuable information. Successful people understand knowledge comes at a price rather it be in the traditional education system or Exclusive insider advice the cost is the same but professional trading doesn't come with a boss or dead- end job. 

Will these classes make you money?

I have personally used this knowledge in cryptocurrency as well as marketing to become financially independent. Although hard word and dedication are a keys factors to my success. These classes are meant to give you the expertise to earn many times more then what you have paid for the classes. 

How do I prosper from the benefits?

By learning the information from these classes  you will feel confident as an investor, marketer and entrepreneur. The skills acquired from this curriculum will benefit you not only financially but give you the experience to help others enjoy a higher standard of living. 

Cryptocurrency & Marketing

Monthly Membership

  • Become A V.I.P. Mastermind Insider:
  • Unlimited Access To
  • One-on-One Up To 4 Hours A Month
  • Direct DCG Support On ICO, Masternode, and Airdrop Selection
  • Access and Support To DCG Trade Copier (For Bittrex and Binance)
  • Auto Trader Support and Setup, Custom Configuration Setting
  • Bi-Weekly Portfolio Review and Re-balance Support
  • Mastermind VIP Benefits - Direct DCG Access

Entrepreneur Marketing & Cryptocurrency

The class covers everything from social media marketing, Instagram, facebbok, and linkedin to building click funnels where to get traffic, automation and even how to sell affiliate products . This a generalized class to help those that want to succeed in onlinemarketing. 


  • Establish & Host Private Crypto Currency Events
  • Re-Engagement To Existing Customer's
  • Acquire New Customer Invited By Digital Currency Guy
  • City Area Exclusivity Agreement - As Agreed
  • Marketing and New Customer Audience For Business

Mastermind Accelerated Program

Included in this package is exclusive  membership To The Secret Underground FaceBook Mastermind Group, monthly Zoom calls, full digital currency videos, 24/7 telegram service, fresh daily market updates, alligator strategy live workshop,  personal phone calls from cryptocurrency trading pros and  step-by-step coaching for the leading automated cryptocurrency trading platform. This allows a person to make up to 90% returns a month if done correctly with minimal maintenance. Test and used by professional traders daily. Low risk steady returns on autopilot with full control using your API keys and no third party trusting. 


Chart analysis also called technical analysis and being able to recognize patterns is key to successful trading. Automated arbitrage and using tools like bollinger bands will accumulate small wins that lead to high earnings at the end of the day. I do not recommend HODLing unless its a short term ICO flip.

Use the best Automated Arbitrage system for cryptocurrency "Cryptohopper"

Get Access to This Exclusive Bitcoin Paying Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange sites are a great way to increase the Alexa, Google and Bing ranking of a website. They improve overall net worth and provide you with automated leads to generate fast revenue. Whether you are in affiliate marketing, Domain flipping or e-commerce this tool will increases profits and pay you bitcoin. This traffic Resources is very unique I currently use it on my website everyday.