WolfStein Tech, Inc.

Revolutionary technological education for all

Who is Wolfstein Tech.

Wolfstein Tech. is a private tech start up that focuses on solving today's problems with education and finance. Our mission is  to provide cutting edge classes that the mainstream for profit education system is not covering or that is charging too much for. We have a 10 Year Plan towards  renewable energy with Thorium that powers desalination plants and provides other benefits that will secure a lasting impact on the direction that humanity needs.


Daniel Silvas 

Investment analyst, CEO, CFO , Consultant 

  • Licensed Financial Advisor with PFS Investments.
  • Partner at TSLR
  • Devotion to providing bridges to financial independence for all regardless of background, or economic status. 


Jesse Mauck 

Blockchain specialist, Business Strategist, Director of Marketing, Educational Program Oversight,  Developer & IT 

  • Crypto-Influencer 
  • Public Figure 
  • Udemy instructor 
  • Affiliate marketing mastermind

Curriculum and Technology

Wolfstein Tech. will provide classes on Code, Robotics, 3D printing, programming , Bio-engineering, Marketing, Financials including investments, chart analysis and automated arbitrage trading. Aside from the core material Wolfstein tech. will host guest appearances from keynote speakers and successful entrepreneurs to help and motivate creativity among the students. The main facility will have privately funded research into cloud storage, software, artificial intelligence and in the near future quantum computing accessible to the teachers and students alike.  

Board of Directors

 Rajat Gupta 

Head of virtual reality development & artificial intelligence research. 

  • Masters in Cell & Molecular Biology
  • From a long family line of entrepreneurs 
  • Passion for helping others succeed
  • Visionary

Wolfstein Tech.